She Blessed Me

I just wrapped up my fourth year as a student in Bible Study Fellowship – a weekly Bible study that I attend on Wednesday morning during the school year.

This year, we studied the book of Genesis. It was an awesome study. The life applications that can be learned from this historical accounting of God’s chosen patriarchs is amazing. I have a totally new perspective on how God uses people – flawed people – to accomplish His will.

Each BSF class is made up of small groups of 10-12 people. In the past, I have been in groups were I didn’t quite connect with the ladies. We always seemed to be at different life stages. When I received my call from group leader over the summer, I was sure this year was going to be more of the same.

My group leader was a soft spoken southern belle named Dixie. I just knew I was going to be in the saintly seniors group (again) – where everyone was a grandmother and I was the only one with kids at home. My husband encouraged me and told me I was going to be surrounded by wisdom. I thanked him for his hopefulness, but I was still a bit down.

I wanted to be in a group with ladies who were in the same boat as myself – wives who want to please God and be a helper to their husband, a mom who’s striving to lead her kids to Christ, a daughter trying to find her own way and yet still honor her parents. I had high hopes for this group.

Well, I guess you can’t judge a group by the voice of it’s leader because God gave me EVERYTHING I hoped for in my small group. The BEST group of ladies, better than I could have hoped or dreamed.

And in a way that only God can do, He gave me what we call in Louisiana – a little bit of lagniappe – something extra. God gave me Dixie! The sweetest, kindest, most loving, genuine and authentic group leader EVER.

Dixie showed me what it looks like to lead by example. She showed me how to make prayer a priority in relationships with friends. She showed me that being a little of a rebel is ok. She showed me love. She mentored me. And at the end of our year together, she blessed me.

Yes, she blessed my heart with her actions and deeds and loving ways. But she actually blessed me. She wrote out a card with a prayer of blessing for me. Words that only a connected leader who took an interest in me and my life and situations would pray for me. She prayed a blessing over my future endeavors for Jesus. She blessed me.

And not just me. She took the time to bless each lady in our group. I know we will cherish our cards for years to come.

I was transformed by Genesis and Dixie. Thank you God for “seeing me” and giving me what you knew I needed when I didn’t even know what I needed myself.


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