About Chanda

Hi, I’m Chanda!

I’m a Christian. I began believing in Jesus at an early age. As a teenager I was a sold-out follower of Christ. As a college student, well, let’s just skip the college years 😉

As a young adult, I rededicated my life to Christ and discovered He has a plan for my life.

I’m a wife to a great and wonderful guy (that I met in college – haha!)

We have three sons age 13, 11 and 8. I remember watching that tv show My Three Sons as a kid – but I digress… The boys are all so unique by their interest as all sports related somehow!

I’m an entrepreneur – I run a business from home. If you are curious, the website for my business is www.fcscreations.com or you can shop my etsy store www.fcscreations.com/shop

That about sums me up!

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