He Walks On The Outside

Its January. That means I’m trying to get in shape just like the rest of the world.

This year’s routine consists of walking the path near our house that gives my husband and I a good 2.25 mile walk.

To get to the walking trail, we have to walk about a quarter mile on a fairly busy street. The sidewalk butts right up to the street, no grass partition between us and the cars.

For this short stretch of our walk, my husband insists on walking on the outside. It used to annoy me. I didn’t understand why he would bark “inside” as we turned the corner onto the bust street. Finally, I asked him what’s your deal???

He explained that walking on the outside was he way of protecting me. The outside is the most dangerous position because of its closeness to the cars. He places himself there to buffer me from harm.

Can you see my heart melting?

He’s not a mushy romantic guy, but, he walks on the outside and I get to call him mine.

Now when he barks “inside” I just take my position and try to keep up the pace. Keeping pace, that’s another story!



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