3 Things Thursday: Confessions of a Work in Progress

Today’s post is inspired by Chrystal Evans Hurst’s blog post of her 20 personal policies.

I thought I would share just 3 things today. Only 3 because if I shared more, you might just learn too much about me in one day – let’s spread it out a little why don’t we.

photo(30)Here are my 3 confessions for this week – very, very small things drive me bananas:

    1. Happy New Year is the most annoying greeting in the WORLD to me! Why? Because it goes on way to long. I think there should be a time limit on how long the phrase can be used. Like, if I see you on January 1st, ok – that’s fine. BUT, but, but, if I don’t see you until January 13th, then NO, you can’t STILL say Happy New Year to me – you’ve missed your chance – I’ve moved on.
    2. Good Morning. Good Morning makes my blood bubble. When I worked in an office cubicle setting the 8 to 9 am hour was the pits. All those sparkly, happy people greeting each other back and forth.
      Tim: Good Morning, Jane
      Jane: Good Morning, Tim
      Tim: Oh Becky, I didn’t see you at your desk! Good Morning, Becky
      Becky: Good Morning, Tim
      ARGH! Can’t everyone just go to their desk and put their headphones in a wait quietly until 9 am when I feel like being social?
    3. Happy Birthday. This is another one that goes back to my cubicle days. You know that office tradition where everyone decorates your cube for your birthday? Well my cube was near the kitchen so all day coworkers who I’ve never met before (and I haven’t talked to since my last birthday) would stop by and say a cheery Happy Birthday! Which would force me to respond with an with an equally cheery “Oh, Thanks!” How about if you don’t know me, just skip it, really, I don’t mind!

I know after reading these confessions you may be slightly (or majorly) concerned about me….

Probably rightly so.

But there’s hope and help for me!

James 5:16 says “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

Get to praying friends! Apparently I need it….




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