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It Was Getting To Loud

Anybody else love riding in the car alone? No one to tell you to change the channel. No one saying they don’t like this song. No one asking how much longer its going to take to arrive.

Recently, I noticed that I drive a little slower when I’m alone in the car. I tend to mosey. Yellow light? Oh, I’ll stop and wait to go with the next group of travelers. Traffic? No detour needed, I’ll wait it out.

I realized that I enjoy these precious moments alone. My phone automatically connects to Bluetooth when I start the engine so it makes it easy to listen to podcasts. To call my sister. To chat with my dad. To check on my BFF and her soon-to-be-born baby girl (yes, I’m uber-excited this!). To vox my friends. All manner of communication happens when I find myself alone in the car.

But that’s all changed now.

Car Stereo Power ButtonI was inspired by my friend to try ten days of quiet. Ten days of getting into the car and sitting in silence. Ten days of letting the calls go to voicemail. Ten days of putting off podcasts. Ten days without Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. Ten days without voxer. If you use voxer, then you know how extremely hard this can be – to hear the walkie-talkie buzz and not respond!

Ten days of quiet. But why?

The point of the quiet was to limit the noise. To get rid of the distractions. To silence the inputs.  Basically, I needed to replace the temporary balms for my heart and with space to hear from the true healer of my heart.

How can I hear the voice of Jesus when I did not allow Him any time to speak?

So silence.

In these ten days, I have been refreshed by silence. I have eagerly hopped in the car and waited to hear what the Lord wanted to say to me. Some days, He was silent. And I drove with the peace that comes from hearing the purr of the engine and the whiz of the air conditioner.

Then other days, He spoke word of direction to me about the road ahead. He comforted me as I drove with mom-tears (you know, when being a mom gets hard and the unwanted tears flow beyond your control). Other days, He brought situations and people to my mind so that I might pray for them. One morning, He reminded me of tasks that needed my attention. One evening, He challenged me to not just be a listener, but a doer.

Are you making room to hear from the Lord? Are you giving him space and time to speak directly to you? The Lord uses His Word, preachers, teachers, books, songs, and a host of other methods to speak to you. Be intentional about providing the Lord silence as an option as well.

Psalm 62:5, “For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him.”

Funny. I typed this while sitting silently in the car.