Monthly Archives: August 2013

I’m In Love With The Maintenance Man

Late the other night I walked into the halfway and flipped the light switch.

Nothing happened.

My husband was in our bedroom at the end of the halfway. I walked in and casually said, “The light is out in the halfway.”

Can you guess what happened next?

My husband says to me “I guess that means the Maintenance Man needs to fix it huh.” (With that little twinge of attitude that makes a wife defensive…)

Believe me when I say I didn’t tell him about the light so that he would fix it. I was simply stating a fact. I mean, the light WAS out. But that’s not the way he took it. I even apologized and said I would replace the bulb myself. (I even said it without any attitude – can you believe that?!?)

It made he think though. I do rely on my husband for just about EVERYTHING around the house.

Toilet will not flush? Don’t use this bathroom until your daddy gets home.

Check engine light on? Honey can I drive your car – something is wrong with mine.

Vaccuum cleaner belt broken? Babe, can you replace this, please?

So yeah, when the light in the hallway didn’t come on. I suppose subconsciously I was putting in a request for the Maintenance Man.

He really does take care of me (and our sons, our house, our cars, our everything).

And I really don’t want to take him for granted.

So, I was determined to show my gratitude (and independence – let’s just be honest here) and I was going to replace that light myself. But, in true crazy overcommitted mom fashion…I forgot.

And in true Maintenance Man fashion, the next time I recall flipping that hallway switch, the light came on. I flipped it about 3 more times before I even remembered I was supposed to replace it.

Man, I love that Maintenance Man. He rocks! I love him! I’m gonna have to bake him a cake or something.heartChanda